Don Whitten

Don has worked as an architect, a carpenter, and an educator in Seattle, Atlanta, and Wilmington, North Carolina.  His experience serving private and institutional clients is as varied as the regions and the roles he has inhabited. He is as comfortable in muddy boots on a construction site as he is in the office exploring the latest rendering software.

Don credits his humble, yet noble, rural southern ancestors and their building practices as the primary influence on his dedication to promote site conscious, environmentally responsible design solutions.  He enjoys time spent, with his camera close at hand, traveling dusty dirt roads searching for the next desolate structure dying in the rural landscape or walking endless urban streets experiencing the intersection of humanity.

As an amateur photographer, Don’s photographs have hung in art galleries, coffee shops, smokey bars and cocktail parties.


2 Responses to “Don Whitten”

  1. Thanks for the comments on Vanishing South Georgia,, Don. I love your work, as well. The photo on the homepage at the moment is just wonderful!
    –Brian Brown
    Fitzgerald, Ga.

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